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Did you know that SNOOOR now has a companion device that will monitor your sleep position throughout the night and can down load that information by blue tooth to your smart phone?   This information can then be sent to your health care provider to help with your sleep issues.   The free app for this device can be downloaded from the app stores for either iPhone or Android and is called LEFT.   The actual device is now for sale at the SNOOOR web site.  Look for the SNOOOR Wearable Position Monitor on the drop down menu to order your device.  This device does not vibrate to prompt you to sleep on your side.  It monitors sleep position and time in that position throughout the night and then gives you easy to read graphs of the results.  It is quite useful information for those who breath better in a certain position or snore less in any certain position.

Download the LEFT app on the Play Store for Android phones:

Download the LEFT app on the App Store for iPhone phones:

Thanks for taking a look and let us know if you have any questions.


Richard Downs DDS


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